Creating and Editing Course Web Pages

Course web pages are stored in the directory


where NNNN is the course number. As a convenience, we typically create a symbolic link in your Math home directory, so you can also find it under webNNNN-html in your home directory.

You have multiple options for editing the files:

  1. Direct access from Linux. Log into one of our Linux machines, change to the directory above, and edit the files with your favorite editor.
  2. Use the webdisk. Go to and log in with your Math username and password. You can then create and edit files using the webdisk's built-in HTML editor, or you can upload them from your personal computer.
  3. Upload the files to with your favorite file transfer progam (scp, sftp, winscp, fugu, filezilla, cyberduck etc). You will need to ask us to enable this feature on your account.
  4. Install the OpenAFS client on your machine. This will make the course web directory accessible directly on the computer. We can install this software on Cornell-owned computers for you.

Including TeX in your pages

You can use MathJax to include TeX in your web pages - see this link for how: