Computer and Internet Usage Policies

Basically, be responsible: don't interfere with other peoples ability to use our facilties, and don't create openings for others to do so. The following is from Cornell University Policy Regarding Abuse of Computers and Network Systems:, which governs use of all Cornell systems, including the Math Department's:

The use of computers or network systems in no way exempts any member of the University community from the normal requirements of ethical or legal behavior in the Cornell community. In particular, data, software, and computer capacity have value and must be treated accordingly. Use of a computer and network system that is shared by many users imposes certain additional obligations.

Legitimate use of a computer or network system does not extend to whatever an individual is capable of doing with it. Although some rules are built into the system itself, these restrictions cannot limit completely what an individual can do or can see. In any event, each member of the community is responsible for his/her actions whether or not rules are built in, and whether or not they can be circumvented.

It is also important that you take steps to ensure that you do not unwittingly enable someone else to abuse our systems. An imnportant part of that is being careful with your password:

Please read Information Technology Rights and Responsibilities for more specific information.