Using xcdroast 0.98 on sg6

Please give priority on sg6 to people using the machine to write mathematical CD's. The order of priority should be similar to that in effect for the copy machines.

The program xcdroast is an easy to use one with our Plextor CD burner on sg6. A fine manual on this easy to use program is at

It appears that the only way you need to indicate whether you are doing a rewritable CD (CD-RW) vs. a read-only one (CD-R) is by which kind of CD you actually insert. The Plextor is rated at 52 speed for CD-R's and 32 speed for CD-RW's.

Briefly the procedure for burning a CD-R or CD-RW is this:

  1. Login to sg6 and by typing startx, perhaps, enter a graphical environment such as gnome.
  2. You probably need to click on Setup initially.
  3. Now click on Master Tracks button to the left of the interface.
  4. Then click on the Write Tracks button to the left of the interface.
  5. To clean up, please press on the Delete Tracks button to the left and remove the mastered tracks which are no longer needed.

Please Keep in Mind: