Classroom Support for Malott Hall

Staff Support:Joy Jones (after hours access), Michelle Klinger (reservations)

Reserving Classroom Space

Classrooms must be reserved in advance. Please contact the reservationist (listed below) and include the following information:

  • your name and phone number (and department name, if not Mathematics)
  • title of your event
  • date, start time AND end time of your event
  • how many seats you need
Classroom Seats Reservationist
Malott 230 21 Michelle Klinger
Malott 205, 206 24 Michelle Klinger
Malott 203, 224 33 Michelle Klinger
Malott 207 35 Michelle Klinger
Malott 406 80 Michelle Klinger
Malott 251, 253 120 Michelle Klinger or University Scheduling,
Bache Auditorium (Malott 228) 194 Michelle Klinger or University Scheduling,

Audio/Visual Support

Steve Truesdail ( requires 24 hours notice of your audiovisual needs.


Rooms 205, 207, 251, 253, and Bache Auditorium are networked classrooms. To use this service, connect your computer to the wall jack and make sure that it is set to find an address automatically. This service is supported by CIT, not the Mathematics Department. In addition, rooms 203, 205, 206, 207, 251, and 253 offer wireless networking with RedRover, also supported by CIT.

Other Services

The Mathematics Department provides no special services to non-departmental users of Malott Hall classrooms. In particular, extra tables and chairs are not available. If refreshments will be served, you are expected to clean up before you leave. Under no circumstances is it acceptable to leave food sitting out for the custodians to clean up.

After Hours Access

If your event is scheduled in the evening or on the weekend, the building may be locked. Contact Joy Jones to sign out a key to the building. You are expected to return the key on the first business day following your event.

Building Maintenance