Analysis Seminar

List of Talks given in 2010-11

Monday, August 30   Benjamin Steinhurst, Cornell University
Quantum mechanics on Laakso spaces
Monday, September 13   Alex Iosevich, University of Rochester
On simplexes determined by fractal subsets of the Euclidean space
Monday, September 20   Jean Carlos Cortissoz, Universidad de Los Andes
The Navier-Stokes equation
Monday, September 27   Jun Kigami, Kyoto University
Dirichlet forms and associated heat kernels on the Cantor set induced by random walks on trees
Monday, October 4   Naotaka Kajino, Kyoto University
Measurable Riemannian structure and its heat kernel analysis on the Sierpinski gasket
Monday, October 18   Leonid Kovalev, Syracuse University
Minimization of energy among (almost) bijective maps in two dimensions
Monday, October 25   Eyvindur Palsson, Cornell University
L^p estimates for a singular integral operator motivated by Calderon’s second commutator
Monday, November 1   Yen Do, Georgia Tech and IAS
Variational estimates for paraproducts
Monday, November 8   Dan Knopf, University of Texas at Austin
Ricci flow through singularities
Monday, November 15   Ben Weinkove, University of California at San Diego
Contracting exceptional divisors by the Kahler-Ricci flow
Monday, November 22   Charles Smart, New York University
Optimal Lipschitz extensions
Monday, November 29   Hoai-Minh Nguyen, New York University
Cloaking via change of variables for the Helmholts equation
Monday, January 24   Mihai Bailesteanu, Cornell University
Heat equation under the Ricci flow - old and new
Monday, January 31   Ioan Bejenaru, University of Chicago
Schroedinger maps
Monday, February 7   Ciprian Preda, West University of Timisoara and Cornell University
Exponential dichotomies for variational equations
Monday, February 14   Remus Radu, Cornell University
Topological models for complex Hénon maps
Monday, February 21   Albert Todd, University of Rochester
The moduli space of asymptotically cylindrical special Lagrangian submanifolds
Monday, February 28   Pierre Germain, New York University
New results on boundedness of multilinear operators
Monday, March 7   William Wylie, University of Pennsylvania
Ricci solitons and warped product Einstein metrics
Monday, March 14   Natasa Sesum, Rutgers University
Yamabe solitons
Monday, April 4   Marius Ionescu, Colgate University
Pseudodifferential operators on fractals
Monday, April 11   Artem Pulemotov, University of Chicago
Parabolic equations and the Ricci flow on manifolds with boundary
Monday, April 18   Milena Pabiniak, Cornell University
New proof of the Newlander Nirenberg theorem
Monday, April 25   Zhongmin Shen, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Geometric meanings of curvatures in Finsler geometry
Monday, May 2   Peng Lu, University of Oregon
A local curvature bound in Ricci flow
Tuesday, May 3   Bernard Sapoval, Ecole Polytechnique
Localization of eigenfunctions and increased energy absorption in irregular resonators: application to wave absorption
Monday, May 9   Gilles Francfort, University of Paris 13
A variational revisiting of brittle fracture