Chelluri Lecture Series

The Chelluri Lecture series is offered in memory of Thyagaraju (Raju) Chelluri, who graduated magna cum laude from Cornell with a Bachelor's degree in mathematics in 1999. Raju was a brilliant student, a gifted scholar, and a wonderful human being who died on August 21, 2004 at the age of 26, shortly after completing all requirements for the Ph.D. in Mathematics at Rutgers University. He wrote a thesis called Equidistribution of the Roots of Quadratic Congruences under the supervision of H. Iwaniec and was awarded a Ph.D. posthumously.

The Chelluri Lecture Endowment was established in 2004 with support from family and friends of Thyagaraju (Raju) Chelluri. Each year, a distinguished mathematician will be invited to give the Chelluri Lecture.

Upcoming Lectures

Mike Hopkins
Harvard University
April 26, 2018
251 Malott Hall.

Homotopy Theory and its Many Roles in Mathematics

Abstract: The subject of homotopy theory has its origins in the problem of finding a meaningful way to count the number of solutions of a system of n equations in n unknowns. Over the 100 or so years since it has gone on to play many different roles in mathematics, resulting in an explosion of applications in recent years. This talk will describe the history and development of the subject and the many ways it has been used in mathematics.

Following the lecture, a musical performance and reception will be held at A. D. White House.

If you need accommodations to participate in this event, please contact Heather Peterson.

Previous Lectures in the Series