Dynamical Systems Seminar 2009-10

List of Talks given in 2009-10

Friday, September 11   Richard Rand, Hiba Sheheitli, and Rocio Ruelas, Cornell University
Modeling relaxation oscillators
Friday, September 18   Steven Strogatz, Cornell University
The puzzling integrability of Josephson arrays
Friday, October 2   Justin Moore, Cornell University
Fast growth in the Følner function for Thompson’s group
Friday, October 16   Vadim Kaloshin, University of Maryland and Penn State University
Quasi-ergodic hypothesis and almost dense orbits on an energy surface
Friday, October 30   Tanya Firsova, University of Toronto
Generic properties of holomorphic foliations on Stein manifolds: topology of leaves and Kupka-Smale property
Friday, November 6   Yulij Ilyashenko, Cornell University
Bony and thick attractors
Friday, December 4   Kathryn Lindsey, Cornell University
Measure-free ergodic theory
Friday, February 19   Andy Ruina, Cornell University
Rotation with zero angular momentum: Demonstrations of the falling cat phenomenon go sour
Friday, February 26   Henrik van Lengerich, Cornell University
Stability and dynamics of a network of drops
Friday, March 5   John Smillie, Cornell University
Parabolic flows, renormalization and octagonal billiards
Friday, March 12   Bard Ermentrout, University of Pittsburgh
When the noise is the signal: stochastic synchronization in neurons
Friday, April 2   Drew LaMar, College of William and Mary
Dynamics of oscillators on random networks
Friday, April 9   Dmitri Vainchtein, Temple University
Resonance phenomena in (micro)fluids and (huge)plasma
Friday, April 16   Charles Peskin, New York University and Cornell A. D. White Professor-at Large
Synchrony vs. asynchrony in discrete-state stochastic neuronal networks
Friday, April 23   Mary-Lou Zeeman, Bowdoin College and Cornell University
Elementary climate models, Milankovich forcing and glacial cycles
Friday, April 30   Alexander Vladimirsky, Cornell University
Crowd dynamics: the role of anisotropy