Dynamical Systems Seminar

List of Talks given in 2011-12

Friday, September 2   Yulij Ilyashenko, Cornell University and Independent University of Moscow
Bony and thick attractors
Friday, September 9   Igors Gorbovickis, Cornell University
Kupka-Smale property for volume preserving diffeomorphisms of C^2
Friday, September 23   John Hubbard, Cornell University
Analytic construction of the compactification of Moduli space for Riemann surfaces
Friday, September 30   Joshua Bowman, Stony Brook University
Rock-paper-scissors in the complex world
Friday, October 21   Jon Chaika, University of Chicago
Ergodicity and skew products of interval exchange transformations
Friday, October 28   Andrey Gogolev, Binghamton University
Structure of smooth conjugacy classes of Anosov systems
Friday, November 4   John Smillie, Cornell University
Parabolic behavior in two complex dimensions
Friday, November 18   Roland Roeder, Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis
Intertwined basins for a cylinder map arising from statistical physics
Wednesday, November 30   Kuntal Banerjee, Boston University
Arnol’d tongues for the standard family
Wednesday, November 30   Ryzhov Mitya, St. Petersburg State University
Phase-lock effect for equations on the torus modeling Josephson junctions
Friday, December 2   Thomas Koberda, Harvard University
Teichmüller polynomials, Alexander polynomials and finite covers of surfaces
Friday, January 27   Xavier Buff, Université de Toulouse III (Paul Sabatier)
Dynamics on stable curves and rescaling limits (after M. Arfeux)
Friday, February 24   Stephen Chamblee, Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis
The dynamics of twisted tent maps
Friday, March 2   John Guckenheimer, Cornell University
Dynamical systems analysis of animal locomotion
Friday, March 9   Matthieu Arfeux, Université de Toulouse III (Paul Sabatier)
Trees and irreducibility of Per_n(0)
Friday, March 9   Dzmitry Dudko, University of Göttingen
Matings with laminations
Friday, March 16   Kathryn Lindsey, Cornell University
An introduction to McMullen’s work on Teichmüller curves on Hilbert modular surface
Friday, March 30   Tomas Johnson, Cornell University
Rigorous enclosures of slow manifolds
Friday, April 6   Neil Dobbs, IBM Research
Ergodic properties of some maps from the exponential family
Friday, April 13   Remus Radu, Cornell University
Topological models for semi-parabolic Hénon maps
Friday, April 27   Giulio Tiozzo, Harvard University
Core entropy of quadratic polynomials and dimension of sets of external rays
Friday, May 4   John Hubbard, Cornell University
Wakes of cubic polynomials
Friday, May 11   Anders Södergren, Institute for Advanced Study
Equidistribution of pieces of closed horospheres in hyperbolic manifolds