Discrete Geometry and Combinatorics Seminar

List of Talks given in 2011-12

Monday, September 12   Marcelo Aguiar, Texas A&M University
Algebra based on real hyperplane arrangements
Monday, September 19   Edward Swartz, Cornell University
What I learned from my REU students this summer
Monday, September 26   Emmanuele Delucchi, University of Bremen
Toric arrangements: combinatorial models and the fundamental group
Monday, October 3   Edward Swartz, Cornell University
Introduction to symmetric functions
Tuesday, October 4   Felipe Rincon, University of California at Berkeley
Tropical linear spaces, valuated matroids, and matroid polytope subdivisions
Monday, October 17   Laura Escobar, Cornell University
Symmetric functions II
Monday, October 24   Anna Bertiger, Cornell University
Symmetric functions III
Monday, October 31   Marisa Hughes, Cornell University
Quotients of spheres and the Tutte polynomial
Monday, November 7   Kai Fong Ernest Chong, Cornell University
Symmetric functions IV
Monday, November 14   Margaret Readdy, University of Kentucky
Euler flag enumeration of Whitney stratified spaces
Monday, November 21   Edward Swartz, Cornell University
Symmetric functions V
Monday, January 23   Louis Billera, Cornell University
Flag f-vectors of posets and colored complexes
Monday, January 30   Kai Fong Ernest Chong, Cornell University
A generalization of the colored Kruskal-Katona theorem
Monday, February 6   Robert Connelly, Cornell University
Periodic planar disk packings
Monday, February 13   Yash Lodha, Cornell University
Cube complexes and subgroups of hyperbolic groups
Monday, February 20   Lucas Sabalka, Binghamton University
f-vectors of subdivided simplicial complexes
Monday, March 5   Benjamin Matschke, Institute for Advanced Study
On the diameter of polytopes
Monday, March 12   Anna Bertiger, Cornell University
The combinatorics of the action of the symplectic group on the flag manifold
Monday, April 9   Edward Swartz, Cornell University
Simplicial matroids and cyclotomic polynomials
Monday, April 23   Jay Schweig, University of Kansas
Graph domination parameters, projective dimension, and independence complexes