Number Theory Seminar 2009-10

List of Talks given in 2009-10

Monday, September 7   Ravi Ramakrishna, Cornell University
An approach to level lowering for residually reducible Galois representations
Tuesday, September 15   Benjamin Lundell, Cornell University
L-functions and density theorems
Monday, September 21   Thomas Zink, University of Bielefeld
Witt vector cohomology of algebraic varieties in char. p > 0
Monday, September 28   Rebecca Torrey, Cornell University
How to compute modular forms
Monday, October 5   Rebecca Torrey, Cornell University
Serre’s conjecture: statement, current status, and examples
Monday, October 19   Corinne Sheridan, Cornell University
Polynomials factoring modulo the p-adic numbers for all primes p
Monday, October 26   Corinne Sheridan, Cornell University
Polynomials with roots in Qp for all p and the inverse Galois problem