Probability Seminar

List of Talks given in 2010-11

Monday, August 30   Jonathon Peterson, Cornell University
Weak quenched limiting distributions of a one-dimensional random walk in a random environment
Monday, September 13   Gennady Samorodnitsky, Cornell University
Large deviations for point processes based on stationary sequences with heavy tails
Monday, September 20   Lionel Levine, MIT
Discrete Laplacian growth: new challenges from integrality
Monday, September 27   Dawn Woodard, Cornell University
Convergence rate of Markov chain methods for genomic motif discovery
Monday, October 4   Martin Larsson, Cornell University
A definition of market efficiency
Monday, October 18   Nathaniel Eldredge, Cornell University
Hypoelliptic heat kernels and Lie groups
Monday, October 25   Louis-Pierre Arguin, New York University
Statistics of branching Brownian motion at the edge
Monday, November 1   Xiaofei Liu, Cornell University
The contribution of trader interaction to market noise
Monday, November 8   Firas Rassoul-Agha, University of Utah
Almost sure invariance principles for random walk in mixing random environment
Friday, November 12   Philip Matchett Wood, Stanford University
Singularity of discrete random matrices
Monday, November 15   Robert Neel, Lehigh University
Minimal surfaces and coupled Brownian motion
Monday, November 22   Andreas Basse-O’Connor, University of Tennessee
The semimartingale property of a class of infinitely divisible processes with stationary increments
Monday, November 29   Tom Alberts, University of Toronto
Intermediate disorder for directed polymers in dimension 1+1, and the continuum random polymer
Monday, December 6   Asaf Nachmias, MIT
Arm exponents in high-dimensional percolation
Friday, January 28   Anastasia Raymer, University of California at Davis
Mixing time of the 15 puzzle
Monday, January 31   Alexander Vandenberg-Rodes, UCLA
Zeros of polynomials arising from Markov chains
Friday, February 4   Dave Herzog, University of Arizona
On the stability of stochastic differential equations
Monday, February 7   Deniz Karli, University of British Columbia
Littlewood-Paley theory and multiplier problem from a probabilistic approach
Monday, February 14   Russ Thompson, Cornell University
The rate of escape of random walks on polycyclic and metabelian groups
Monday, February 21   Jonathon Peterson, Cornell University
The contact process on the complete graph with random, vertex-dependent, infection rates
Monday, February 28   Alex Bloemendal, University of Toronto
Continuum limits of spiked random matrices
Monday, February 28   Milton Jara, IMPA
Scaling limits of trap models
Monday, March 7   Iddo Ben-Ari, University of Connecticut
On two models of biological evolution
Monday, March 14   Carl Mueller, University of Rochester
Recent nonuniqueness for some stochastic PDE
Monday, March 28   Michael Damron, Princeton University
Non-polygonal limit shapes in first-passage percolation and coexistence in growth models
Monday, April 4   Persi Diaconis, Stanford University
Adding numbers, shuffling cards, and an amazing matrix
Monday, April 11   Benedek Valko, University of Wisconsin
Scaling limits of beta ensembles
Monday, April 18   Christian Gromoll, University of Virginia
Least-attained-service and adventures with the M_1 topology
Monday, April 25   Shirshendu Chatterjee, Duke University
Latent voter model on random regular graphs
Monday, May 9   Vladas Sidoravicius, CWI, Amsterdam and IMPA, Rio de Janeiro
Compatability of random and deterministic binary sequences