SCAN Seminar 2009-10

List of Talks given in 2009-10

Monday, September 14   David Bindel, Cornell University
Numerical analysis for nonlinear eigenvalue problems
Monday, September 28   Benjamin Seibold, Temple University
Exact particle methods and gradient-augmented level set approaches
Monday, October 5   John Guckenheimer, Cornell University
Boundary value problems and solvers for ODEs
Monday, October 19   Charles van Loan, Cornell University
The Kronecker product SVD
Monday, October 26   Marc Bonnet, Ecole Polytechnique
Adjoint solution-based small-inclusion asymptotics of cost functions, with application to defect identification
Monday, November 9   Jessica Zhang, Carnegie Mellon University
High fidelity geometric modeling and finite element mesh generation from volumetric imaging data with applications in computational mechanics
Monday, November 16   Stefan Wild, Argonne National lab
Estimating computational noise in numerical simulations
Monday, November 23   Doug James, Cornell University
Enabling reduced-order dynamics for graphics, haptics, and sound
Monday, November 30   Attila Bergou, Cornell University
Fruit flies modulate passive wing pitching to generate in-flight turns
Monday, February 1   Alex Vladimirsky, Cornell University
Causality, dimensionality, efficiency
Monday, February 8   James Sethna, Cornell University
Sloppy models and differential geometry
Monday, February 15   Gil Strang, MIT
Fast transforms: banded matrices with banded inverses
Monday, February 22   Noah Snavely, Cornell University
Building Rome in a day: large-scale optimization problems in computer vision
Monday, March 1   Sergey Fomel, University of Texas at Austin
Mathematical and computational problems in seismic imaging
Monday, March 15   Adrian Lewis, Cornell University
A proximal method for composite minimization
Monday, March 29   Fengyan Li, RPI
Discontinuous Galerkin based fast sweeping methods for Eikonal equations
Monday, April 5   Steve Koutsourelakis, Cornell University
Scalable Bayesian reduced-order models for simulating high-dimensional multiscale dynamical systems
Monday, April 12   Hongkai Zhao, University of California at Irvine
A new approximation for effective Hamiltonians for homogenization of a class of Hamilton-Jacobi equations
Wednesday, April 14   Charles Peskin, New York University and Cornell A.D. White Professor-at-Large
Generalizations of the immersed boundary method: nonuniform density and viscosity, fibers with bend and twist, and microscale fluid-structure interaction with Brownian motion
Monday, April 19   Padma Raghavan, Pennsylvania State University
Energy-aware scalability of parallel sparse scientific computing
Monday, April 26   Orly Alter, University of Texas at Austin
Discovery of mechanisms from mathematical modeling of DNA microarray data
Monday, May 3   Jonathan Weare, New York University
Toward practical rare event simulation in high dimensions