SCAN Seminar

List of Talks given in 2011-12

Monday, September 12   Mike Todd, Cornell University
Robust optimization and the probability that a random triangle is acute
Monday, September 19   Paulette Clancy and Ananth Kaushik, Cornell University
Computational challenges in molecular simulations of electronic materials
Monday, September 26   David Bindel, Cornell University
Communities, spectral clustering, and random walks
Monday, October 3   Michael Overton, New York University
Fast algorithms for the approximation of the pseudospectral abscissa and pseudospectral radius of a matrix
Monday, October 17   David Bindel and Rajit Manohar, Cornell University
Efficient floating point: software and hardware
Monday, October 24   Carmeliza Navasca, Clarkson University
Algorithms for tensor decomposition
Monday, October 31   Olivier Desjardins, Cornell University
Large-scale numerical modeling of three-dimensional turbulent gas-particle flows
Monday, November 7   Brandon Hencey, Cornell University
Divide and conquer: overcoming complexity in control system design
Monday, November 14   Gabriel de Frias, Cornell University
A multiscale explicit dynamics method for solid mechanics using proper orthogonal decomposition (POD)
Monday, November 21   Jeff Chadwick, Cornell University
Towards efficient PDE solvers via rank-structured Cholesky factorizations
Monday, November 28   Josef Sifuentes, New York University
The stability of GMRES convergence, with application to preconditioning by approximate deflations
Monday, February 6   Jane Wang, Cornell University
Computing insect flight, falling paper, and hydrodynamic interactions
Monday, February 13   Ashish Raj, Pascal Spincemaille, Yi Wang, Cornell University
MRI opportunities for advanced computational algorithms
Monday, February 20   Changxi Zheng, Cornell University
Efficient methods for time-dependent Hamilton-Jacobi PDEs
Monday, February 27   Alexander Vladimirsky, Cornell University
Causal discretizations of seismic imaging problems
Monday, March 5   Ilias Bilionis, Cornell University
Bayesian techniques for uncertainty quantification of computer codes
Monday, March 12   Kevin Lin, University of Arizona
Faster dynamic Monte Carlo via Markov couplings
Monday, April 2   Alexander Kurganov, Tulane University
Central schemes: a powerful black-box-solver for nonlinear hyperbolic PDEs
Monday, April 9   Niels F. Otani, Cornell University
A novel imaging method for calculating patterns of action potential propagation in the heart
Monday, April 16   Laurent Demanet, MIT
Super-resolution via sparse recovery: progress and challenges
Monday, April 23   Woo Song Choi, Cornell University
Turbulence and singular shocks in continuum dislocation dynamics
Monday, April 30   Dave Schneider, USDA Research
The complexity of simple epidemic models