Cornell Math - Math 618 (SP01)

Math 618 — Spring 2001
Smooth Ergodic Theory


Instructor: John Guckenheimer
Time: TR 1:25–2:40
Room: MT 205

This course will be about statistical properties of dynamical systems. The concepts of invariant measures, ergodicity, entropy, Lyapunov exponents, and fractal dimension of measures will be discussed. The second half of the course will concentrate on

  1. analysis of specific examples like Axiom A attractors, one dimensional mappings and the Henon map and/or
  2. "nonlinear" time series analysis algorithms that apply these concepts to data.

The format of this course will be similar to the "Bernstein seminars" in topology. Students in the course will be responsible for reading material and presenting it in class. The specific papers and topics will be chosen at the beginning of the semester.