Math 2220 Multivariable Calculus Spring 2017 (LEC 001 and 002)

Course Information

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Instructor (Lec 001): Bo Yang, Email: boyang 'at' math 'dot' cornell 'dot' edu

Instructor (Lec 002): Robert Connelly, Email: connelly 'at' math 'dot' cornell 'dot' edu

TA (DIS 201, 202, and 205): Anwesh Ray, Email: ar2222 'at' cornell 'dot' edu

TA (DIS 203 and 204): Ian Lizarraga, Email: iml32 'at' cornell 'dot' edu

Description: Math 2220 covers Differential and integral calculus of functions in several variables, line and surface integrals as well as the theorems of Green, Stokes and Gauss. Prerequisite: MATH 2210. Recommended for students who plan to major or minor in mathematics or a related field.


Textbook: Lax and Terrell, Multivariable Calculus with Applications. Book, 2016.


Course syllabus (including HWs, Exams, and how final grades will be determined): here.

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