"History of Mathematics" and "Mathematics and art"

general sites

The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive

Convergence - online journal

Earliest Known Uses of Some of the Words of Mathematics

Interactive Math Encyclopedia

Math Quotes

Links to Web Sites on the History of Mathematics at BSHM website

Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of Mathematics

History of Mathematics web sites by David Calvis

History of Mathematics at California State University

History and Pedagogy of Mathematics

The Practice of Mathematics - Lectures by Robert Langlands

History of Astronomy

History of Mathematics links by David Wilkins

on-line museums and libraries

National Science Digital Library

Cornell University Historical Math Monographs

The University of Michigan Historical Mathematics Collection

Math Forum

Perseus Texts


Museum of Mathematical Models in Modena

Mathematics Museums

MoMath: The Museum of Mathematics

Museum of the History of Science (Oxford, UK)

Electronic Archive of Geometric Models

Historical Scientific Instrument Gallery

The Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments at Harvard University

Yale University Collections

Museum of Ancient Inventions

Computer History museum

History of Geometry Bibliography

Alta Mathematica

Archive Historia-Matematica

Egyptian and Babylonian mathematics

The Geometry of Ancient Sites

Mesopotamian Mathematics

The Eye of Horus

Scaling the Pyramids

The Pyramid

Ancient Greek mathematics

Greek Mathematics and its Modern Heirs

Oliver Byrne’s edition of Euclid’s Elements

Archimedes Palimpsest


Apollonius Derivation

Apollonius Tangency Problem


Ptolemy’s Table of Chords – Trigonometry in 2nd century



The Galileo Project


Leonardo and Renaissance engineers

The Art of Rennaisance Science

Muslim founders of Mathematics

Islamic Civilization


17th and 18th century

Catalog of Scientific Communities in 16th and 17th centuries

Mathematicians of 17th and 18th centuries

Newton’s Life


The Euler Archive

The Geometry of War

Triangle Geometry


Le Patrimoine de l’Ecole Poytechnique

19th century and after

Hilbert’s Mathematical Problems

The Mathematical Problems of David Hilbert

Albert Einstein online

Alan Turing

Erdos number project

Chronology of Recreational Mathematics

A Survey of Venn Diagrams

Inversive Geometry

Henri Poincaré's student notebooks, 1870-1878

The History of Computing


Codes and Ciphers in the Second World War

History of Statistics

Fermat’s Last Theorem

The Poincare Conjecture

Poincare Conjecture proved

Mathematics in different cultures

Etnomathematics links

The Aztek Calendar

Native American Geometry

MIT Khipu Research Group

Geometry of the Land of Incas

golden ratio

The Pentagramm and Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Numbers

this is so popular topic that you can find hundreds of pages about the golden ratio with Web search

Mathematics and Art

The International Society of Arts, Mathematics and Architecture

The Bridges Organization

Mathematics Graphics Gallery

Perspective Study

Symmetry and Pattern: The Art of Oriental Carpets

Visual Mathematics

Synergetic Geometry

Sacred Geometry of Great Pyramid

sacred geometry is another topic widely represented on Web

Islamic Art in Metropolitan Museum

Islamic Arts and Architecture organization

Geometry through Art

Mathematical Models

M. C. Escher- the official website


these are links I collected when I was teaching "History of Mathematics" and "Mathematical Explorations" classes. Thank you for using them but I am not adding much to this collection since the time when I first made this list search options have grown tremendously - so if you think there should be more specific links - please make your own collection. occasionally I am checking for broken links.


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