My Work with the Algebra Project

In 2005, I accepted an invitation to join the core curriculum development team of the Algebra Project, which is led by Robert Moses. My work with the Algebra Project has been supported by Cornell (Associate Provost, Dean, Department) and the National Science Foundation. I am working with teachers, educators, and other mathematicians to produce materials for a high school geometry curriculum. The goal of the Algebra Project is work with underserved students to "raise the floor" so that all students learn the mathematics they need to enter college and not be required to take remedial courses.

Starting September 2008, the Algebra Project was awarded a 5-year $4 million "Discovery Research K-12" grant from the National Science Foundation for our "Cohort Project". I am one of the co-PIs on the grant and part of the team which is developing special experiencial-based high school curricular materials. In particular, I am leading the efforts on the geometry aspects of the curriculum. This work is continuing throguh various avenues of support.

11 Units for the Algebra Project Geometry Curriculum, published online, starting in 2011-2012; and used in classrooms in NY, CA, OH, MI, IL, MD, SC, FL, VA, GA, and MS.

In 2016, I joined a research project "Function Learning Progressions" funded by an NSF Discovery Research K-12 grant to Educational Testing Service and the Algebra Project, Inc.

My Work with K-5 School Project

In 2011, I accepted an invitation to join Professor Richard Lehrer, Vanderbilt Peabody
College of Education and Human Development, in an ongoing project to develop and research coherent curricula for K-5 mathematics and science. I am currently writing geometry curriculum for this project.

Currently, there are 12 units of K-5 geometry curricular materials that will be available on-line soon. Write to me if you want to see some now.