Dynamics Seminar, Spring 2009

Meets 2:15 on Fridays in Malott 205, unless otherwise noted.

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Friday, 1/23: Organizational meeting

Friday, 1/30: Bifurcation analysis of EtoP cycles, Abstract
Thorsten Riess, Cornell University

Friday, 2/06: Numerical computation of slow manifolds and canards near a folded node, Abstract
Mathieu Desroches, University of Bristol

Friday, 2/13: no meeting

Friday, 2/20: Complex Oscillations: Mixed Modes and Bursting, Abstract
John Guckenheimer, Cornell University

Friday, 2/27: Singular Bifurcation Diagrams and the FitzHugh-Nagumo Equation
Christian Kühn, Cornell University

Friday, 3/06: From the golden ratio to the geometric series
Joshua Bowman, Cornell University

Friday, 3/13: no meeting

Friday, 3/20: no meeting

Friday, 3/27: Bifurcations of invariant manifolds in planar endomorphisms
Bernd Krauskopf, University of Bristol

Friday, 4/03: Bifurcation Analysis of the Dual Oscillator Model for Pancreatic Beta-Cells
Arthur Sherman, National Institute of Health

Friday, 4/10: Understanding topological models for complex Hénon maps
Remus Radu, Cornell University

Friday, 4/17: Geometry of Mixed-Mode Oscillations in a Chemical Model
Christopher Scheper, Cornell University

THURSDAY, 4/23 (Malott 230, 1:15): TBA
Roland Roeder, SUNY Stony Brook

Friday, 4/24: Numerical computation of isochrons
Hinke Osinga, University of Bristol

Friday, 5/01: An analytic description of the set U+ for complex Hénon maps
Raluca Tanase, Cornell University