Cornell Topology Festival Speakers 1982-2004


E. Thomas, Hilbert Modular Varieties

W. Metzler, Simple-homotopy in Low Dimensions and Group Presentations

T. Petrie, Smith Equivalence of Representations

S. Ferry, Fibered Triangulations of Q-manifold Bundles

R. Hamilton, Three-Manifolds with Positive Ricci Curvature

D. Johnson, Finite Generation of the Torelli Subgroup of the Mapping Class Group

R. Charney, Cohomology of Satake Compactifications

M. Davis, Groups Generated by Reflections and Aspherical Manifolds Not Covered by Euclidean Space


J. Milnor, Infinite-Dimensional Lie Groups: A Survey

F. Peterson, Loop Spaces and the Dickson Algebra

K. Igusa, Parametrized Morse Theory and Pseudoisotopy

M. Steinberger, Equivariant Fiber Properties

F. Quinn, Recent Progress in 4-manifolds

K.H. Dovermann, Smith Equivalence of Representations

H. Miller, Recent Work on the Homotopy Theory of Classifying Spaces of Finite Groups

P. Scott, Least Area Surfaces in 3-manifolds


J. Morgan, Degeneration of Hyperbolic Structures and Groups Acting on Trees

S. Weinberger, Symmetry and Homology

M. Culler, A Space of Moduli for the Free Group

D. Davis, A Strong Non-Immersion Theorem for Real Projective Spaces

G. Katz, Integrality Theorems and Witt Analogues of Burnside Rings

K. Brown, Finiteness Properties of Groups of Tree Derangements

R. Fintushel, SO(3)-Connections and the Topology of 4-Manifolds


W. Neumann, Volumes of Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds

J. Birman, Jones' New Link Invariants

K. Orr, A General Framework for Link Cobordism Implying the Sato-Levine Invariants Vanish

D. DeTurck, Music on Manifolds

M. Gage, A Curve Shortening Process in the Plane

M. Steinberger, Equivariant Topological Torsion

E. Devinatz, On Ravenel's Nilpotence Conjecture

D. Gabai, Foliations and the Topology of 3-Manifolds


W. Kazez, Maps of Surfaces and Some Conjectures of Berstein and Edmonds

L. Kaufmann, State Models for Knot Polynomials

J. Harper, Co-Groups which are not Suspensions

C. Rourke, A Proof of the Poincare Conjecture I

S. Plotnick, Growth Functions and Fuchsian Groups

P. Hilton, Failures of Cancellation in Group Theory and Homotopy Theory

A. Edmonds, Group Actions on 4-Manifolds

C. Rourke, A Proof of the Poincare Conjecture II


M. Handel, Zero-Entropy Surface Diffeomorphisms

J. Shaneson, Smooth Nontrivial 4-Dimensional s-Cobordisms

C. Wilkerson, Smith Theory and the Sullivan Conjecture

M. Scharlemann, Link Genus and the Conway Skein Tree

P. Shalen, Trees and Continued Fractions

G. Carlsson, Applications of the Burnside Ring Conjecture

J. West, Nonlinear Similarity Begins in Dimension 6

B. Lawson, The Topological Structure of the Space of Algebraic Varieties


D. Fried, Homology of Free Abelian Covers

S. Ferry, Epsilon-Topology and Novikov's Conjecture

J. Luecke, The Knot Complement Problem

P. Peterson, Bounding Homotopy Types by Geometry.

W. Dwyer, Wreath Products and Iterated Fibrations

W. Metzler, The Distinction between Homotopy Type and Simple-Homotopy Type for 2-Complexes

M. Bestvina, Train Tracks for Free Group Automorphisms and a Conjecture of Peter Scott


F. T. Farrell, A Topological Analogue of Mostow's Rigidity Theorem

E. Miller, Generalizations of Casson's Invariant for 3-Manifolds

D. Ravenel, The Chromatic Point of View in Homotopy Theory

C. Frohman, Unitary Representation of Knot Groups

R. Skora, Splitting of Surfaces

W.-C. Hsiang, The K-Theoretic Novikov Conjecture

L. Jones, A Counterexample to Smooth Rigidity

C. McMullen, 3-Manifolds and Riemann Surfaces


B. Eckmann, The Euler Characteristic of Spaces and Groups - Theme and Variations

J. Morgan, Applications of Gauge Theory to Smooth 4-Manifolds

A. Dranishnikov, Cohomological Dimension Theory and its Applications

T. Cochran, New Linking Phenomena: The Land Beyond Massey Products

T. Petrie, The Equivariant Serre Conjecture and Algebraic Actions on Complex n-Space

M. Feighn, Combining Negatively Curved Groups.

A. Adem, Cohomology and Actions of Finite Groups

M. Culler, Paradoxical Decompositions and Margulis Numbers


S. Stolz, Simply-Connected Manifolds of Positive Scalar Curvature

J. Cao, Almost Visible Manifolds of Nonpositive Curvature

W. Menasco, The Tait Conjecture and the Classification of Alternating Links

T. Goodwillie, Loops and the K-Theory of Group Rings

M. Lustig, Tunnels, Bridges and K_1

M. Kapranov, On a Conjecture of Baues in the Theory of Loop Spaces

A. Casson, The Seifert-Fibered-Space Conjecture


P. Hilton, The Life and Work of Israel Berstein

Z.-X. He, On "Energy" of Knots and Unknots

C. Wilkerson, Estimating Homotopy by Cohomology

M. Bridson, The Flat Torus Theorem and Semihyperbolic Groups

W. Goldman, Building Polyhedra in Variable Curvature

A. Hatcher, Sphere Complexes of 3-Manifolds and Aut(F_n)

J. Bryant, A Non-Resolvable Generalized Manifold

E. Pedersen, On the Sphere Cross Euclidean Space Form Problem.

J. Franks, Geodesics on the 2-Sphere and Periodic Points of Annulus Homeomorphisms.


R. Schoen, Harmonic Maps and Actions of Discrete Groups

J. Shaneson, Counting Lattice Points and Singularities of Functions

I. Rivin, Deformation Theory of Singular Hyperbolic Metrics on 3-Manifolds

A. Dranishnikov, Cohomological Dimension Type and the Mapping Intersection Problem

U. Oertel, Spaces which are not Negatively Curved

G. Carlsson, Some Remarks on the Assembly Map in Algebraic K-Theory

C. Curtis, Generalized Casson Invariants

M. Bestvina, The Boundary of Outer Space.


K. Kuperberg, Counterexamples to the Seifert Conjecture

P. Thurston, The 4-Dimensional Busemann Conjecture: Recognizing Manifolds in Synthetic Geometry

L. Mosher, Mapping Class Groups are Automatic

S. Ferry, Infinite-Dimensional Phenomena in Finite-Dimensional Topology.

S. Gersten, Subgroups of Hyperbolic Groups

R. Charney, Hyperplane Complements Associated to Infinite Reflection Groups

M. Feighn, On the Tits Alternative for Out(F_n)

R. Gompf, On the Topology of Symplectic 4-Manifolds


R. Fintushel, Introduction to Seiberg-Witten Invariants

B. Farb, Coarse Geometry and Rigidity

D. Chase, Fixed Point Sets of Involutions on Spheres

J. Cannon, Thompson's Group: Fordham's Algorithm for Minimal Representatives

R. MacPherson, The Topological Trace Formula

D. Burago, Asymptotic Invariants of Riemannian Tori

J. Morgan, Applications of Seiberg-Witten Invariants to the Topology of 4-Manifolds


D. Gabai, Geometric and Topological Rigidity of Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds

Y. Minsky, The Complex of Curves on a Surface: Hyperbolicity Lost and Found in Teichmueller Space

M. Weiss, Index Theory Without Operators

M. Brin, Automorphisms of Some Small Homeomorphism Groups

N. Brady, Branched Coverings of Cubical Complexes and Subgroups of Hyperbolic Groups

R. Lee, The Spherical Space Form Problem

M. Davis, Boundaries of Coxeter Groups.


B, Kleiner, The Large-Scale Geometry of Spaces with Nonpositive Curvature

M. Hopkins, Topological Modular Forms

L. Carbone, Non-Uniform Lattices on Uniform Trees.

Z. Szabo, Disproving the Minimal Conjecture

M. Sageev, JSJ-Splittings for Finitely Presented Groups

W. Dwyer, Homology Decompositions for Classifying Spaces

Z. Sela, Low-Dimensional Topology, Algebraic Geometry over Groups, and the Elementary Theory of Free Groups


D. Cooper, Some Surface Subgroups Survive Surgery

J. Stasheff, From Operads to String Theory

J. McCammond, General Versions of Small Cancellation Theory

M. Hutchings, Reidemeister Torsion in Generalized Morse Theory (with an Application to Seiberg-Witten Theory)

A. Reid, Thue Equations and Dehn Surgery

M. Handel, The Mapping Torus of a Free Group Automorphism is Coherent

W. Thurston, Three-Manifolds that Slither around the Circle


Y. Eliashberg, Introduction to Symplectic Field Theory

P. Shalen, Boundary Slopes of Knots, and 3-Manifolds with Cyclic Fundamental Group

C. Woodward, Eigenvalue Inequalities and Quantum Cohomology of the Grassmannian

W. Ziller, Curvature and Symmetry of Milnor Spheres

S. Boyer, A Proof of the Finite Filling Conjecture

M. Kapovich, Group Actions on Coarse Poincare Duality Spaces.

D. Wise, Subgroup Separability of the Figure 8 Knot

R. Edwards, Cantor Groups, their Classifying Spaces, and their Actions on ENR's


R. Geoghegan, SL(2) Actions on the Hyperbolic Plane.

C. Connell, Volume Growth Rigidity.

M. Sapir, Some Applications of Higman Embeddings.

J. Roe, Amenability and Assembly Maps.

K. Whyte, Large Scale Geometry of Graphs of Groups.

M. Bridson, Subgroups of Semihyperbolic Groups.

S. Bigelow, Braid Groups are Linear.


G. Tian, Symplectic Surfaces in Rational Complex Surfaces.

P. Teichner, L-theory of Knots.

J. Rognes, Two-primary Algebraic K-theory of Pointed Spaces.

D. Sinha, The Topology of Spaces of Knots.

D. Calegari, Promoting Essential Laminations.

M. Abreu, The Topology of Symplectomorphism Groups.

D. Allcock, Reflection Groups on the Octave Hyperbolic Plane.

R. Forman, The Differential Topology of Combinatorial Spaces.


M. Bestvina, Measured Laminations and Group Theory

D. Biss, The Combinatorics of Smooth Manifolds: Oriented Matroids in Topology

S. Gersten, Isoperimetric Inequalities for Nilpotent Groups

D. McDuff, The Topology of Groups of Symplectomorphisms

Y. Minsky, On Thurston's Ending Lamination Conjecture

P. Ozsvath, Holomorphic Disks and Low-dimensional Topology

G. Yu, The Novikov Conjecture and Geometry of Groups


D. Bar-Natan, The Unreasonable Affinity of Knot Theory and the Algebraic Sciences

J. Birman, Stabilization in the Braid Groups

F. Cohen, Braid Groups, the Topology of Configuration Spaces, and Homotopy Groups

B. Farb, Hidden Symmetries of Riemannian Manifolds

G. Levitt, Automorphisms of Canonical Splittings

J. Meier, Asymptotic Cohomology for the Motion Group of a Trivial n-Component Link

J. Roberts, Rozansky-Witten Theory

D. Thurston, How Efficiently Do 3-Manifolds Bound 4-Manifolds?

U. Tillmann, The Topology of the Space of Strings

A. Valette, Vanishing Results for the First L2 Betti Number of a Group

K. Vogtmann, Graph Homology and Outer Space


I. Agol, Tameness of Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds

J. Brock, Ending Laminations and the Weil-Petersson Visual Sphere

N. Dunfield, Does a Random 3-Manifold Fiber Over the Circle?

J. Etnyre, Invariants of Embeddings Via Contact Geometry

R. Grigorchuk, Groups of Branch Type and Finitely Presented Groups

P. Kronheimer, Property P for Knots

Y. Rudyak, Category Weight and the Arnold Conjecture on Fixed Points of Symplectomorphisms

R. Schwartz, Spherical CR Geometry and Dehn Surgery

D. Sullivan, String Background in Algebraic Topology

Z. Szabo, Heegaard Diagrams and Holomorphic Disks

W. Thurston, What Next?

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