John Guckenheimer

1966 B.A. Harvard University
1970 Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley

1969 Visiting Lecturer, IMPA, Rio de Janeiro
1969-70 Senior Research Fellow, University of Warwick
1970-72 Member, Institute for Advanced Study
1972-73 Lecturer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1973-75 Assistant Professor, University of California,  Santa Cruz
1975-79 Associate Professor, University of California,  Santa Cruz
1976-78 Chairman, Mathematics Department UCSC 
1979-85 Professor, University of California,  Santa Cruz
1979 Visiting Member, Courant Institute of Mathematical  Sciences, New York University
1980 Member, Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques
1983-84 Member, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute
1984 Member, Mittag-Leffler Institute
1988--89 Member, Institute for Advanced Study
1989 Professeur Invitee, Universite de Nice
1985- Professor, Cornell University
1989-97 Director, Center for Applied Mathematics, Cornell University
1991-97 Director of Research Programs, Cornell Theory Center
1997-98 Member, IMA, University of Minnesota (also Chair of Organizing Committee for Year on Emerging Applications of Dynamical Systems Theory)
2000 Erskine Professor, Canterbury University, New Zealand
2005 Acting Director, Center for Applied Mathematics, Cornell University
2005-2006 Associate Dean, Computing and Information Sciences, Cornell University
2010 International Visiting Fellow, University of Sydney
2011- A.R. Bullis Chair of Mathematics, Cornell University

1984 Guggenheim Fellow
1983-85  Founding chairman, University of California  Coordinating Committee on Nonlinear Science
1982-85  Board of Directors, Mathematical Sciences  Research Institute
1986-92   Board of Editors, Physica D
1988--91 Advisory Committee, European Science Foundation Network on Nonlinear Science
1989-98 Board of Editors, SIAM Review
1989-91 Advisory Board, Mathematical Sciences Institute, Cornell University
1992-96 Advisory Board, The Geometry Center, University of Minnesota
1993  Chair, Provost's Task Force on the Mathematical Sciences, Cornell University
1994-1996 Board of Trustees, SIAM
1995-2007 Board of Editors, Journal of Experimental Mathematics 
1996 President Elect, SIAM
1997-98 President, SIAM
1997-98 Chair, Organizing Committee, IMA Program in Emerging Applications of Dynamical Systems
1999 Past President, SIAM
1999 Amick Lecturer, University of Chicago 
1999-2001 Founding Chair, SIAM Activity Group on Life Sciences
2000 Frontiers Lecturer, Texas A\&M
2000 New Zealand Society of Mathematics Lecturer
2000-04 Theoretical Division Review Committee, Los Alamos National Laboratory
2002 Fellow, American Association for Advancement of Science
2003 Panel member, International Review of Mathematics in United Kingdom
2003-2005 Chair, SIAM Activity Group on Dynamical Systems
2004-2008 Board of Trustees, Fields Institute of Mathematical Sciences
2008 Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
2008- Board of Trustees, Mathematical Biosciences Institute
2009 Fellow, SIAM
2009-10 Co-chair NSF Report: Foundations for Complex System Research
2011 Mathematics Awareness Month Advisory Committee (SIAM)
2011 Mathematical Biosciences Institute celebration of my 65th birthday
2011 International Centre for Theoretical Physics Summer School on Computational Methods in Dynamics, Organizer and Principal Lecturer
2011 Candidate for President of American Mathematical Society (not elected)
2012 LaSalle Lecturer, Brown University
2012 Pacific Institute Math Sciences: Distinguished Colloquium Series
2013 Fellow, American Mathematical Society
2013 American Mathematical Society Steele Prize for Mathematical Exposition}

Last update: March 28, 2013