Links to some resources in geometry

Web resources are changing - some of them stay long, some disappear fast. Therefore at any given moment we can not guarantee that all of these links will work as they work now (August 31, 2010). We also do not know whether their content will satisfy your needs. These are just some of our suggestions.

The Geometry Center                                    The Math Forum                                 Internet Math Library

The Geometry Forum                                  MathPages/Geometry                           The Geometry Junkyard

Geometry in Action      

Mathematical videos:

NotKnot             Outside In                   The Shape of Space          Between the Folds       

Spherical Geometry:

EggMath       The Geometry of the Sphere         

Hyperbolic Geometry

Software for hyperbolic geometry         Topology and Geometry Software         Geomview

Some papers on teaching geometry:

Dynamic geometry programs and the practice of geometry(Walter Whitely)

The Decline and Rise of Geometry in 20th Century North America  (Walter Whitely)

Books on-line

The University of Michigan historic book collection  has following books on-line, which can be useful in geometry class: