Math 1110 - Fall 2017

Instructor: Hannah Keese
hrk49 at cornell dot edu


MWF 9:05 - 9:55 in Malott 207

Office hours:

3:30 - 5:30pm Wednesdays in Malott 218

Course website:

Course information


Online homework is due by 11:59pm each Tuesday, starting on the 29th of August.
Presentation problems are due in class on Fridays, starting on the 1st of September.

Pre-calculus review

Review questions (thanks to Iian Smythe)
Review answers (thanks to Balázs Elek)

Instructions for Prelim 1 rewrite, due Monday, October 16th


Prelim 2

Here is the review sheet. Careful! These are not all the topics that will be covered on the prelim!
Here are partial solutions. Note that you should generally justify your solutions more than this!!

Final Exam review

The two review sheets are here:
Review 1 . The partial solutions are here.
Review 2 . The partial solutions are here.
As always, remember that these reviews don't cover every topic that could be on the exam and aren't fully written out - you need to justify your work more than this!