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J.T.Gene Hwang
(formerly Jiunn Tzon Hwang)
Professor Emeritus

Department of Mathematics
Malott Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, New York 14850

Tel:         +886-5-2720411 ext 6113
Email5.gif (5864 bytes)hwang@math.cornell.edu

Description of Research Interests

Stein's phenomenon is one of the most striking phenomena in modern statistics. For about a decade, since 1979, I worked on shrinkage estimation, especially in relation to Stein's phenomenon from the point of view of decision theory. Starting from around 1990, my research has focused on construction of confidence intervals (using empirical Bayes approach at times) and prediction intervals for various types of problems: estimation of ratio parameters in regression, measurement error models, bioequivalence problems, estimation of order restricted parameters and prediction based on a factor analysis model (HELP). Statistical intervals, such as confidence intervals, prediction intervals and tolerance intervals, are of major importance in statistics. By providing intervals, statisticians demonstrate the possible range of parameters of interest or future observations.

Much of my recent research is stimulated by scientific, engineering and genomics applications. Although my primary interest is in theory, the solutions often can be used directly in applications. Modern application often invlove high-dimensional data setting on a low dimensional parameter space; hence shrinkage and empirical Bayes procedures are highly desiable.

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