I'm interested in geometric group theory and low dimensional topology.

Here are my papers, in roughly reverse chronological order.

Reviews (if your institution has access) of some of these papers can be found at MathSciNet (see also here) or Zentrallblatt MATH.


(see also the arXiv, though the versions below are sometimes more up to date):

  1. (with Daniel Groves) "Hyperbolic groups acting improperly" (pdf updated 2018-10-26, arXiv).

  2. (with Oliver Wang) "Cohomology and the Bowditch boundary" (pdf updated 2018-12-19, arXiv). To appear in Michigan Mathematical Journal.

  3. (with Daniel Groves) "Quasiconvexity and Dehn filling" (pdf updated 2019-05-01, arXiv). To appear in American Journal of Mathematics.

  4. (with Daniel Groves and Alessandro Sisto) "Boundaries of Dehn fillings" (arXiv, pdf). To appear in Geometry & Topology.

  5. (with Daniel Groves and Henry Wilton) "Recognizing geometric 3-manifold groups using the word problem" (arXiv).

  6. "The Bowditch boundary of (G,H) when G is hyperbolic" (pdf updated 2019-05-16, arXiv).


  1. (with Alex Lubotzky and Henry Wilton) "Generalized triangle groups, expanders, and a problem of Agol and Wise." Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici 94 (2019), Issue 1, pp. 53-66. (journal, arXiv).

  2. (with Daniel Groves) "Dehn fillings and elementary splittings." Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 370 (2018), 3017-3051. (journal, arXiv, pdf).

  3. (with Ian Agol and Daniel Groves) "An alternate proof of Wise's Malnormal Special Quotient Theorem." Forum of Mathematics, Pi 4 (2016) e1. (journal, arXiv).

  4. (with Chris Cashen) "Virtual geometricity is rare." LMS Journal of Computation and Mathematics 18 (2015), no. 1, pp. 444-455 (journal, arXiv). See also the associated code on bitbucket.

  5. (with Daryl Cooper)"Non-faithful representations of surface groups into SL(2,C) which kill no simple closed curve." Geometriae Dedicata 177 (2015), 165–187 (arXiv, journal).

  6. (with Ian Agol and Daniel Groves) "Filling virtually special subgroups." Appendix to "The virtual Haken conjecture" by Ian Agol. Documenta Mathematica 18 (2013) pp. 1045–1087 (journal, arXiv).

  7. (with Koji Fujiwara) "Simplicial volume and fillings of hyperbolic manifolds." Algebraic & Geometric Topology 11, (2011) pp. 2237–2264 (journal, arXiv).

  8. (with Koji Fujiwara) "CAT(0) and CAT(-1) fillings of hyperbolic manifolds." Journal of Differential Geometry 85, no. 2 (2010) pp. 229–270 ( journal, arXiv).

  9. "Virtually geometric words and Whitehead's algorithm." Mathematical Research Letters 17, no. 5 (2010) pp. 917-925. (journal, arXiv).
  10. (with Eduardo Martínez-Pedroza) "Separation of relatively quasiconvex subgroups." Pacific Journal of Mathematics 244 (2010), no. 2, 309–334. (journal, arXiv)

  11. (with Ian Agol and Daniel Groves) "Residual finiteness, QCERF, and fillings of hyperbolic groups." Geometry & Topology 13 (2009) 1043-1073. (journal, arXiv)

  12. (with Daniel Groves) "Dehn filling in relatively hyperbolic groups." Israel Journal of Mathematics 168 (2008) 317–429. (journal, arXiv)

  13. "Actions of certain arithmetic groups on Gromov hyperbolic spaces." Algebraic & Geometric Topology 8 (2008) 1371-1402. (journal, arXiv)

  14. (with Daniel Groves) "Fillings, finite generation and direct limits of relatively hyperbolic groups." Groups, Geometry, and Dynamics 1 (2007) 329-342. (journal, arXiv)

  15. (with an appendix by Nicolas Monod and Bertrand Rémy) "Quasi-actions on trees and Property (QFA)."Journal of the London Mathematical Society 73 (2006) 84-108. (journal, arXiv)

  16. "Geometry of pseudocharacters." Geometry & Topology 9 (2005) 1147–1185. (journal,arXiv)

  17. "Algorithmic detection and description of hyperbolic structures on 3-manifolds with solvable word problem." Geometry & Topology 6 (2002) 1–26. (journal, arXiv)


  1. (E. Smith, P. S. Wilson, F. W. Bacon, J.F. Manning, J.A. Behrens, T.G. Muir) "Measurement and localization of interface wave reflections from a buried target."Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 103, (1998) 2333-2343. (journal)

  2. (J. A. TenCate, T. G. Muir, A. Caiti, Å. Kristensen, J.F. Manning, J. A. Shooter, R.A. Koch, and E. Michelizzi) "Beamforming on seismic interface waves with an array of geophones on the shallow seafloor." IEEE J. of Oceanic Engr., 20, (1995) 300-310. (journal)

You may also be interested in these (incomplete) draft notes entitled Cubulating spaces and groups, last updated 2016-07-27.

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My current research is supported in part by Simons Collaboration Grant 524176.

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