Math 4310, Linear Algebra

Spring 2018, Cornell University

Instructor: Martin Kassabov, Malott 537
Lecture: Section 1: MWF 12:20 - 1:10pm in 224 Malott Hall
  Section 2: MWF 1:25 - 2:15pm in 224 Malott Hall
Office hours: M 10-11am and T 2:30-3:30pm in 537 Malott Hall
Teaching Assistant Shihao Xiong
Office hours: Wednesdays 10am-12pm in 218 Malott Hall
Teaching Assistant Zaoli Chen
Office hours: Thursdays 10am-12pm in 218 Malott Hall
Textbooks: The course text book is Linear Algebra, by Larry Smith. Electronic version of the textbook is available for free through Cornell Library. Please take 15 or 20 minutes before each lecture to read the sections of the books that will be covered. It helps to be familiar with the terminology we will use and the theorems that we will discuss. The lecture schedule is be available on the homeworks page. The course will cover a few topics which are not in the textbook.
Grading:Final exam (30%), Two Preliminary exams (20% each), Homework (30%).
Syllabus PDF
Homework: There will be weekly problem sets over the course of the semester. Most homework assignments will containa `review' portion where you will be asked to state a definition coved in class provide an example and a non-example and state and proof a theorem of your choice. You can not use any of the examples form the textbook (but small modifications are OK) but are allowed to use proofs from the textbook, provided that you rephrase them.

Problem sets will be handed out most Wednesdays, and will be due the following Wednesday in class (except the first one!). You may work together on your assignments, and you are encouraged to do so. However, you must write up your final solutions by yourself. Your work must be written neatly and legibly. Proofs should be written in complete English sentences. Your homework score will be determined not only by the correctness of the responses, but also by the correctness of the grammar.

Students may work together on homework but must write up their work individually. The homework will be graded and it is the student’s responsibility to make sure that his or her work is written clearly (this refers both to handwriting and style of prose). The homework is due each Monday in class.

No late homework will be accepted!

Lowest problem set grade will be dropped when computing your final homework grade.

Exams: There will be two inclass prelims, and final exam. The first prelim will be around Match 7th; the second one will be around April 9th. The final exam will be in on Wednesday, May 16th from 7pm.
Academic integrity: As always, you are expected to abide by the Cornell Code of Academic Integrity. This states, “ A Cornell student’s submission of work for academic credit indicates that the work s the student’s own. All outside assistance should be acknowledged, and the student’s academic position truthfully reported at all times. ”
If you have questions about homework, exams, or grades, please come talk to me during my office hours or send me email.