Topology & Geometric Group Theory Seminar

Fall 2007

1:30 - 2:30, Malott 253

There will be occasional Thursday meetings, at the same time but in Malott 251.

  Tuesday August 28 Topology Festival
Organizational meeting
  Tuesday September 4 Roland Roeder, University of Toronto
Computing arithmetic invariants for hyperbolic reflection groups
  Tuesday September 11 Ken Brown, Cornell University
Automorphisms of buildings have infinite displacement
September 18
Bache Aud.
Kasra Rafi, University of Connecticut
The curve complex is rigid
  Tuesday September 25 Brad Forrest, Cornell University
Degree subcomplexes of Auter space
October 2
Bache Aud.
Laurent Bartholdi, Lausanne Swiss Polytechnic Institute of Mathematics
Amenable groups and algebras
  Tuesday October 9 Alireza Golsefidy, Princeton University
Lattices with small covolume
October 16
Uzy Hadad, Hebrew University
Uniform Kazhdan Constant for some families of linear groups
  Tuesday October 23 Reyer Sjamaar, Cornell University
Divided difference operators in equivariant cohomology
  Tuesday October 30 Yvonne Lai, UC Davis
Using simplicial trees to generate an effective compactness theorem for Coxeter groups
  Tuesday November 6 Allen Knutson, UC San Diego
Schubert calculus and geometric shifting: combinatorics meets combinatorics, via geometry
  Tuesday November 13 Bogdan Petrenko, SUNY Brockport
Some formulas for the smallest number of generators for finite direct sums of matrix algebras
 Thursday November 15
Malott 251
Tony Bahri, Rider University
Piecewise polynomials and the equivariant cohomology of weighted projective spaces
  Tuesday November 20 Vesselin Drensky, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Automorphisms and derivations of polynomial and free associative algebras
  Tuesday November 27 Martin Kassabov, Cornell University
Generating polycyclic groups (joint with Nikolay Nikolov)

Organizer: Ken Brown
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