Topology & Geometric Group Theory Seminar

Spring 2010

Tuesdays and some Thursdays

1:30 – 2:30, Malott 203

Current and future talks

 Tuesday January 26 Evgeny Shavgulidze, Moscow State University
About amenability of subgroups of the group of diffeomorphisms of the interval
 Thursday January 28 Meeting to decide upper-level courses
 Tuesday February 2 Eran Nevo, Cornell University
Commensurizer growth
 Tuesday February 9 Jason Manning, University at Buffalo
Virtually geometric words and Whitehead's algorithm
  Tuesday February 16 Bogdan Petrenko, SUNY Brockport
On the smallest number of generators and the probability of generating an algebra
 Tuesday February 23 Kelly Delp, Buffalo State College
The marked length spectrum of a real projective manifold or orbifold
 Tuesday March 2 Allen Hatcher, Cornell University
The Madsen–Weiss Theorem
 Tuesday March 9 Jim Conant, University of Tennessee
The cohomology of Out(Fn) and the Eichler–Shimura isomorphism
 Tuesday March 16 No meeting today
 Tuesday March 23 Spring break
 Tuesday March 30 Martin Kassabov, Cornell University
Bounding the residual finiteness of free groups
 Tuesday April 6 William Thurston, Cornell University
Approximately finite groups
 Tuesday April 13 Eduardo Martinez Pedroza, McMaster University
Separation of quasiconvex subgroups
 Tuesday April 20 Owen Baker, Cornell University
The Jacobian map on outer space
 Tuesday April 27 Keith Jones, Binghamton University
Connectivity properties for groups acting on locally finite trees
 Tuesday May 4 Victor Kostyuk, Cornell University
An outer space for 2-dimensional right-angled Artin groups

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