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Laurent Saloff-Coste
Professor and Chair, Department of Mathematics, Cornell University
mail address:  Department of Mathematics, Cornell University, Malott Hall,  Ithaca, NY, 14853-4201, USA
email: lsc (at) math.cornell.edu
phone:  (607) 255 7241
fax: (607) 255 7149
office: 567, Malott Hall

Rollo Davidson award, 1994
Guggenheim fellow, 2006/07

Berlin-SPA July 2009:   Merging and stability for time  inhomogeneous Markov chains (joint work with J. Zuniga) : extended version in pdf here
Nice June 2009:   Analysis  on compact groups, text to appear in Colloquium Mathematicum (volune in Honor of A. Hulanicki)   click here
First MSJ-SI, August 2008, Kyoto:   The text of my talks, in pdf format is available here
CMS 2008 Winter Meeting, Ottawa:   The slides of my talk, in pdf format are available here


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Research  supported in part by  NSF grant DMS-0603886

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Analysis on locally compact groups and homogeneous spaces

forms and Markov semigroups

Potential theory and heat diffusion on manifolds and domains
Finite Markov chains
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