• A recipe for black box functors (with Brendan Fong)  
    Reviewing a principled method for constructing hypergraph categories and functors, known as decorated corelations, in this paper we construct a category of decorating data, and show that the decorated corelations method is itself functorial, with a universal property characterised by a left Kan extension. We then argue that the category of decorating data is a good setting in which to construct any hypergraph functor, giving a new construction of Baez and Pollard's black box functor for reaction networks as an example.


  • Loop spaces and Operads (written in preparation for my A-Exam)
    This document serves as an introduction to operads and their algebras, along with basic examples. We review the theory necessary to show May’s recognition principle for loop spaces, and then, following Berger and Moerdijk, present a model structure on the category of operads which allows us to show that every loop space can be rectified to a topological monoid.