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Here is a current list of helpful resources for math undergrads at Cornell University (or elsewhere). We currently have lists regarding math at Cornell, general Math, Summer Programs, and LaTeX. Furthermore, have links to our FAQ pages, advice from former math students at Cornell, and a link back to this page at the bottom. If you have a resource you would like to add to the site, please email the current webmaster.

Cornell Resources

Math Support Center The Math Support Center (MSC) is a drop-in tutoring center, staffed with undergraduate tutors that have a broad range of mathematical experience and knowledge. (from website)
Cornell Math Course Descriptions pt. 1 Listing of 1&2000 level math courses.
Cornell Math Course Descriptions pt. 2 Listing of 3&4000 level math courses.
Cornell Math Course Descriptions pt. 3 Listing of 6&7000 level math courses.
Cornell Math Contests Descriptions of the math contests offered at this fine institution.

Math Resources (in no particular order)

On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences You give it an integer sequence, it will search where in math that sequence appears.
arXiv Open access to lots of math e-prints.
Wolfram Mathworld Pretty good resource for looking up mathematical definitions and such.
Wikipedia Even better resouce, though disliked by some.
Project Euler Collection of mathematical and programming problems.
SageMath Free open-source mathematics software system.
MAA The homepage for the Mathematical Association of America. "all math majors get a membership"-anon.
AMS The homepage for the American Mathematical Society.

LaTeX Resources

What is LaTeX? General Description of what LaTeX is and why it is important
What is Latex? General Description of what Latex is and why it is important
Overleaf Overleaf is a popular online LaTeX editor.
TeXShop TeXShop is an installable LaTeX editor

Summer Resources

NSF REU List List of funded math research opportunities for undergraduates.
Random Site Good site with list or reus
Cornell Summer Math Programs Cornell Programs, note that Cornell students are eligible for funding for SPUR programs.
MAA Summer Math Program List MAA List of programs and opportunities for undergraduates.

Math Alumni Advice

Advice and Reflections This page contains a compilation of advice and reflections of former math club board member Anna Brosowky


Grad FAQ This FAQ is for questions about graduate school from an undergraduate.
Classes FAQ This FAQ is for questions about classes and whatnot.
Math Club FAQ This FAQ is for questions about mathclub.

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Math Club Resource Page Most important link of all!