Tomoo Matsumura  (松村朝雄)

I HAVE MOVED TO KOREA (new web page is HERE)
ASARC Postdoc at
KAIST, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Daejeon, Korea (2011.09 ~ present)

Address:  ASARC KAIST, 291 Daehak-ro,  Yuseong-gu,  Daejeon 305-701, South Korea, Tel. 042 350 8111
Email Address: tomoo dot matsumura at gmail dot com

Curriculum Vitae : 2012.09

Research Papers:    

1. Stringy and Orbifold cohomology of Wreath Product Orbifolds, Accepted for publication in European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 2012, Earlier version is available at arXiv:math/0610269.

2. Equivariant Cohomology for Hamiltonian Torus Actions on Symplectic Orbifolds , with Tara Holm, Transformation Groups 17, 3 (2012), 717–746.

3. Connected sums of simplicial complexes and equivariant cohomology, with Frank Moore, submitted, 2011.

4. Moment Angle Complexes and Big Cohen-Macaulayness, with Shisen Luo and Frank Moore, submitted, 2012.

5. Equivariant Cohomology of Weighted Grassmannians and Weighted Schubert Classes, with Hiraku Abe, submitted, 2012.

6. Weighted Schur Functions, with Hiraku Abe, 2012.

Expository Papers:  

1. Lectures on Cohomology of Toric Manifolds, Trends in Mathematics - New Series, Information Center for Mathematical Sciences, Volume 14, Number 1, 2012, pages 31-52.

Research Interests
I'm interested in group actions and orbifolds in symplectic geometry and algebraic geometry. My PhD thesis was about Chen-Ruan cohomology of symmetric products of orbifolds. Since then, I have been working on torus actions on orbifolds: GKM theory for orbifolds, Cohomology of Toric Orbifolds and Moment Angle Complexes. Recently I worked on weighted Grassmannians and its Schubert calculus.

Past Teaching

MATH 1920 Multivariable Calculus for Engineers / Schedule

MATH 2220 Multivariable Calculus

MATH 4530 Introduction to Topology 

Math 7570 Poisson Geometry

Math 7510 Schubert Calculus

Math 2210 Linear Algebra 

Math 1110 Calculus I