Thank you for your interest in Cornell Mathematical Contest in Modeling (CMCM) !

We are glad that many people have found our past contest problems to be useful in training their teams for other math modeling competitions. We also receive frequent email requests

Unfortunately, we cannot help with this, and the volume of such emails makes it impossible to respond to individual requests. The problem statements are published in their entirety; CMCM teams search the literature and the web to find all needed/missing data. The current rules of CMCM prevent all organizers from making any student solutions available to anyone outside Cornell University. There are two reasons for these rules:

  1. The students prefer this approach since it allows them to concentrate on modeling problems without fearing that their solutions will be later redistributed. (Of course, if individual CMCM-participants want to make their work public, they may certainly post the manuscripts on their personal webpages.)
  2. As already mentioned, our problems are sometimes reused in other contests and as homework in modeling classes at other universities. In this context, responding to any student help requests would give those students an unfair advantage.

Examples of winning solutions from the international MCM can be found in the UMAP journal published by COMAP.

Wishing you the best of luck in Math Modeling,

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