[5 Dec 2017] I will be handing out the following definition sheet and scratch paper during the exam. You should look at it ahead of time.
[5 Dec 2017] Warning!! The final exam is in Rockefeller 132, NOT our usual room (and it starts at 2 pm, ends at 4:30 pm).
[5 Dec 2017] There was a typo in the solutions for HW10. Here are the corrected solutions for HW10
[4 Dec 2017] Here are some (handwritten, quickly done) solutions to the practice final. Solutions for HW10 (which were not to be handed in), and Solutions for prelim2. Also, one extra problem has been added to HW10 here.
[30 Nov 2017] Here is a practice final exam Problem 1(a)(4), Problem 1(b) can be ignored. Change short answer (c)(viii) to be: An n by n matrix A is invertible if and only if the transpose A^T is invertible. In problem 5, M_T(S,S) refers to the matrix of T with respect to the basis S. Problem 6: We did not do Jordan form over the reals (and you are not responsible for that), so ignore the statement that it is in Jordan form (it is not in Jordan form over the complexes). The rest should be do-able. We will post (probably rough, handwritten) answers for it by Monday, we hope.
[30 Nov 2017] The final homework (HW10) does NOT need to be turned in. We will post answers for it this weekend. Treat these as practice problems for the final exam. We did NOT cover adjoints, and you are not responsible for them, so any problems involving those can be ignored.
[30 Nov 2017] Our office hours are as follows: Abby: Thursday, Nov 30, 1-3 pm (usual place) and Monday, 1-3 pm in Malott 207. Stillman: Monday 10 - 11:30 am Monday, Malott 207, and Tuesday 12-2, in Malott 207. You can pick up your second exam in one of these office hours on Monday or Tuesday (not Thursday).
[21 Nov 2017] The final homework (HW10) is here. It is due Monday, Dec 4, in one of our office hours, or, if you prefer, you can email it to one of us. No longer due! See note above
[21 Nov 2017] I have posted my fairly rough class notes for eigenvalues/eigenvectors/minimal polynomials, and Jordan canonical form. I might replace these with a better version later.
[13 Nov 2017] Here are two handouts: one on polynomials, and one on change of bases. The polynomial one is from a previous course, and they did not do ideals, but other than that it is pretty good. The second prelim is a take home exam, and will be handed out in class, on Tuesday, November 14, and will be due the following Tuesday, in class. Rules for this will be posted, and discussed in class.
[8 Nov 2017] The last problem on the homework (on determinants) is now due on Tuesday, Nov 14. Also several typos in that problem have been fixed!
[2 Nov 2017] The second prelim is a take home exam, and will be handed out in class, on Tuesday, November 14, and will be due the following Tuesday, in class. Rules for this will be posted, and discussed in class.
[12 Oct 2017] Solutions to the first prelim. Stats: mean 62.8, median 63, standard deviation 14.9.
[3 Oct 2017] Stillman will have one more office hour this week, Wed 4-5 pm (in his office).
[3 Oct 2017] Here are some solutions(first and second) to the two practice prelims. Some solutions given in the second practice prelim are a bit too brief, in particular, problems 1(a), and 3(a). But they contain the main ideas there, at least. I would prefer to see a bit more detail for 1(a).
[3 Oct 2017] Here is the "scratch" set of pages I will hand out in the prelim. They include the definition of a field and a vector space.
[28 Sep 2017] Here are two practice prelims (first and second) from previous semesters. On Tuesday, Oct 3, we will discuss these, and do a general review as well. In some cases, the notation is a bit different than what we are using, and we haven't done the isomorphism theorems yet (one problem asks about that). But mostly, these are reasonable problems. Of course, they don't cover everything, but hopefully they are representative in terms of difficulty. I am not sure that answers will be provided. That needs to be determined yet.
[5 Sep 2017] Office hours for Stillman: Tuesdays, 3-5. Office hours for Abby: Wednesday 2-4.
[16 Aug 2017] Welcome! The first class meeting is Tuesday, Aug 22, at 11:40 am, in room Malott 207.