A Macaulay 2 Conference

March 16 - 19, 2008


Location: Mathematics Department, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.

Organizers: Mike Stillman, Dan Grayson, and David Eisenbud

Dates: The meeting will start at 2 pm, Sunday, March 16, 2008. The meeting will end Wednesday, March 19, 2008, with Thursday as the optimal travel day. A block of rooms at the Holiday Inn in downtown Ithaca has been reserved. (see below)

Dan Grayson and Mike Stillman will be staying in Ithaca also on March 20 and March 21, so if your schedule allows it, and you are interested in writing some Macaulay 2 packages, or honing your Macaulay2 skills, please think of staying in Ithaca for these next two days! If you might stay, please email Mike Stillman.

Topics and plan for the meeting: The meeting will begin with some surveys of recent work on the Boij-Soederberg conjectures, in which Macaulay2 has already played a major role. Starting the second day there will be talks of various kinds. Some will present more research for which Macaulay 2 was useful or would likely be useful. Others will present useful algorithms or packages written in Macaulay 2, or algorithms that would be useful in a future version of Macaulay 2. Not everyone coming will be a Macaulay 2 expert, so this would also be an opportunity to learn Macaulay 2 or to improve your Macaulay 2 skills.

Tentative Schedule (for first two days -- rest coming soon) and abstracts

Who may attend: Anyone!

Registration: There is no registration fee for the meeting, however it is important to sign up!

Funding: There may be extra funds to help defray the costs of lodging and travel. To apply, email Mike Stillman as soon as possible with your needs. We are grateful to the United States National Science Foundation for providing funding for this meeting.

Participants. I have taken care to encode email addresses! This list will be updated frequently.

Dinners: We will be having a conference dinner Monday, March 17, at Zaza's Cucina in Ithaca. The price of the dinner (without wine, but including tip, etc.) will likely be $40. We will try to lower the price for graduate students.


Lodging: We have arranged a special rate with the Holiday Inn. If you are having your lodging reimbursed by us, this is where you will need to stay. WARNING: The last day to book rooms at the Holiday Inn at this special rate has been changed to February 23!!



Travel by air: The simplest is to fly to Ithaca Airport (served by US Air and Northwest).
Another option is to fly to Syracuse and drive to Ithaca (about 1 hour drive). During March, the weather on the drive to Syracuse can be nasty, so this is not an optimal choice.

From Ithaca Airport to the Math. Dept.: The easiest is to use the limo service there (actually, a van service). You could go to Ground Transportation (located at the airport), or call 607-273-3030, 607-273-3072.

The Cornell Mathematics Department is in Malott Hall, located at the corner of Tower Rd. and Garden Ave. Parking is a problem during weekdays. Check back here later with our recommendations. On Sunday you can park in the parking lots near Malott Hall. Alternatively, more parking is available if you turn right east Tower Road (instead of passing it), then take your very first left onto a short gravel road into a temporary parking lot.

Directions to the Holiday Inn

Directions to Malott Hall

Cornell campus map

See Visiting Cornell University for more info.

Ithaca Area Weather

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