Julia Set, with external angles


FractalStream is a program which allows you to rapidly explore complex dynamical systems. It is designed to mostly work like Karl Papadantonakis' FractalAsm for Mac OS 9. Behind the scenes, FractalStream is written to take advantage of parallelism in hardware. Iterating a dynamical system usually involves repeating the same algorithm on some array of data. FractalStream makes use of the parallelism in modern hardware (multiple CPUs, multiple cores, vector coprocessors) to rapidly render a depiction of the dynamical system. It is relatively easy to add support for new hardware (for example, a graphics processor) to the FractalStream source code. See the source package for more information.
Mandelbrot zoom
with external angles


Source Code

FractalStream is released under the BSD License. The source is in Objective C, designed for linking against the Cocoa frameworks in Mac OS X. It should also be possible to link against the GnuSTEP frameworks. A port to Linux and Windows based on the GnuSTEP frameworks is in the early stages. Source code is availible by subversion from Google Code.


Compiled versions of FractalStream, tools, and sample scripts are available at http://code.google.com/p/fractalstream/downloads/list.

Last Updated 15 Oct 2008