Department of Mathematics, Cornell University

Workshop: Stochastic Models in Cell Biology

April 9-11 2006, Cornell University

 Thomas G. Kurtz (
and locally:
Lea Popovic  (

Supported by the Infrastructure Program of National Science Foundation
through a grant to Cornell University
Invited Lecturers:
  Gheorghe Craciun, University of Wisconsin(
  Dan T. Gillespie, Dan T.Gillespie Consulting(
  Thomas G. Kurtz, University of Wisconsin (
  Jonathan Mattingly, Duke University (
  Linda Petzold, UC Santa Barbara (
  Lea Popovic, Cornell University (
  Mike Reed, Duke University (
  Grzegorz Rempala, University of Louisville (
  Ruth Williams, UC San Diego (
Schedule: For the schedule, titles and abstracts of the talks please click here
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