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Synopsis, credit and prerequisites

MATH 3560 is a geometric introduction to the algebraic theory of groups, through the study of symmetries of planar patterns and 3–dimensional regular polyhedra. Besides studying these algebraic and geometric objects themselves, the course also provides an introduction to abstract mathematical thinking and mathematical proofs, serving as a bridge to the more advanced 4000–level courses. Abstract concepts covered include: axioms for groups; subgroups and quotient groups; isomorphisms and homomorphisms; conjugacy; group actions, orbits, and stabilizers. These are all illustrated concretely through the visual medium of geometry.

MATH 3560 is a 4–credit course. The course catalogue states that the prerequisite is at least one of
MATH 2210 — Linear Algebra
MATH 2230 — Theoretical Linear Algebra and Calculus
MATH 2310 — Linear Algebra with Applications
MATH 2940 — Linear Algebra for Engineers.
If you have not satisfied the prerequisite, seek permission of the instructor to take the course. Prior knowledge of group theory is not a prerequisite.