Math 4320 - Spring 2015

MATH 4320

Introduction to Algebra

(Winter and) Spring 2015


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Instructor: Tara Holm

MWF 1:25–2:15 in 207 Malott

Office hours: Tuesdays
10am–12pm in 571 Malott
Tara Holm

T.A.: Amin Saied

Office hours: Mondays
2:30pm–4:30pm in 218 Malott
Amin Saied
Abstract Algebra by Rotman
Textbook: A first course in abstract algebra
by J.J. Rotman, Third Edition, Prentice Hall
ISBN-10: 0131862677

This course webpage is based on Tim Riley's course page. Many thanks to him for creating a clear and transferrable template.