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Synopsis, credit and prerequisites

Math 4320 is an introduction to abstract algebra. It includes groups, rings, fields, factorization of polynomials and integers, congruences, and the structure of finitely generated abelian groups. Euclidean domains and Sylow's theorems, or a bit of Galois Theory may be discussed, time allowing.

Math 4320 is a 4–credit course. The course catalogue states that students may NOT receive credit for both this course and MATH 4340 (Honors Introduction to Algebra). The prerequisite for MATH 4320 is at least one of
MATH 3320 — Introduction to Number Theory
MATH 3360 — Applicable Algebra
MATH 4310 — Linear Algebra
MATH 4330 — Honors Linear Algebra
or permission of the instructor.

My interpretation of this is that the primary prerequisite is "mathematical maturity." What I have in mind here is that you should be able to read and write proofs, you should be willing to persevere on a hard problem, and you should be willing to learn things on your own once in a while. (Hat tip to Ken Brown.)

Undergraduates who plan to attend graduate school in mathematics should take MATH 4330 and MATH 4340 instead of MATH 4310 and MATH 4320.