Math 7670 -- Topics in Algebraic Geometry: Toric Varieties, Spring 2013

MATH 7670

Topics in Algebraic Geometry:
Toric Varieties

Spring 2013


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First problem set.

Second problem set.

Third problem set.

Fourth problem set.

Instructor: Tara Holm

TR 11:40–12:55 in 205 Malott

Office hours:
by appointment
Tara Holm

Toric varieties by Cox, Little and Schenck
Textbook: Toric Varieties
by D. Cox, J. Little and H. Schenck
AMS Graduate Studies in Mathematics, 2011
(ISBN 978-0821848197)
Available from AMS Bookstore

This course webpage is based on Tim Riley's course page. Many thanks to him for creating a clear and transferrable template.