Vic on a bridge

Victor Kostyuk

Department of Mathematics
Cornell University
120 Malott Hall
Ithaca, NY 14850

I'm a graduate student in mathematics working in geometric group theory with Karen Vogtmann. I'll add some actual content to these pages as time permits. Meanwhile, here are a few writeups on the mathematics of the CBS show Numb3rs that I did for the NSF last year.

Numb3rs writeups:
Mind Games (binomial probability, Fokker-Planck)
All's Fair (Latin and magic squares, logistic regression)
Dark Matter (Verctors and matrices, support vector machines)
Guns and Roses (Acoustics)
Sniper Zero (Ballistic trajectory, exponential growth)
Sacrifice (Magnetism, binary encoding)

MEC modules:
Topology and Geometry of Surfaces
Introduction to Groups