Math 1012 Spring 2017

Math 1012 is a course that parallels Math 1120. Math 1012 meets weekly to review material presented
in Math 1120 lectures, to provide problem solving techniques and tips, and to help prepare for prelims.
The course provides further instruction for students who need reinforcement. It is NOT meant to be a
substitute for Math 1120 lectures or recitations. Everyone enrolled in Math 1120 is welcome to attend
Math 1012 lectures.
Lecturer:Mark Jauquet
Office:214 Malott

Class Times

Wed2:55pm-4:10pm251 MLT
Wed4:30pm-5:45pm251 MLT

Office Hours

Mon Noon-1:30pm 218 Malott Jordyn
Tue Noon-1:15pm 214 Malott Mark
Wed 5:45pm-6:45pm 251 Malott Mark
Thu 3:15pm-4:45pm 218 Malott Jordyn

Prelim and Final Review Times

Review 1AWed Feb 14th4pm-5pm repeated 6pm-7pm 251 MLT
Review 1BWed Feb 21st2:55-4:10pm repeated 4:30pm-5:45pm 251 MLT
Review 2AMon Apr 16th4:30-5:45pm repeated 7:30pm-8:45pm 253 MLT
Review 2BWed Apr 18th2:55-4:10pm repeated 4:30pm-5:45pm 251 MLT
Final Review AFri May 11th11am-1pm repeated 3pm-5pm 253 MLT
Final Review BSat May 12th11am-1pm repeated 3pm-5pm 253 MLT
Final Review CSun May 13th11am-1pm repeated 3pm-5pm 253 MLT

Transcript Credit

Math 1012 grades are S/U only. There are no exams or homework assignments in this course. Students must attend a minimum of 8 of the lectures in order to receive an 'S' grade.

Students should contact their college for the most up-to-date information regarding if and how credits for this course will count toward graduation, and/or be considered regarding academic standing.

More Information

For more information about Math1012 and the Learning Strategies Center, click here.