Math 1710  Statistical Theory and Applications, Fall 2018


Lecturer: Michael Nussbaum, <mn66>, 441 Malott Hall, Office hours: M, F 3:00 - 4:00

Lectures: MWF 12:20-1:10, 406 Malott Hall

TA: Zi Ye <zy234>, Office hours: t.b.a.


Computer Lab: Mon 2:30, 3:35, Tue 9:05, G28 Uris Hall 

(If you need a change from your assigned lab without making the change online, please see the TA).


Course Website: for initial summary; for the ongoing course


Required Text: Diez, Barr and Cetinkaya-Rundel, OpenIntro Statistics, 3rd Edition. Free pdf available at Also available as a bound book (inexpensive black/white or color versions) from Amazon, and at the Cornell Store ($21 new).


Required Software: JMP. Student licenses ($15) can be purchased at the software licensing website of the Cornell Store. To access the  website, log in with your netid into

then under 'products' on the left side, click JMP, and then JMP Pro Student License (2018-19). JMP is available for Windows and Mac.

Calculator: The statistics features you'll need include combinations, standard deviation, and correlation. (TI-83/4 graphing calculators have a more extensive statistics package.)


Homework: There are two types of assignments:

Textbook (graded) Sets of exercises assigned weekly and usually collected Wednesdays. While you may discuss these with others and get help from your lecturer, from the TA, or at the tutoring centers, the final work you submit must be your own. We'll be posting solutions on the Blackboard site that you will login to with your netid. The posting will happen on the due date without delay, so late homework cannot be accepted.

Computer labs (graded) Investigations using our Statistics software. You may work with a partner on the computer portion during the labs, but your final written work must be your own. Reports are typically due at the start of the next lab.


Both types of assignments will be submitted electronically via For instructions, see the Blackboard course website. Submissions by email or on paper will not be accepted.


Attendance policy: Use of laptops and other mobile electronic devices during lecture is not permitted. Violations will incur negative participation points for each instance. These will influence the final course score.


       Prelim 1: Fri September 28 in class

       Prelim 2: Fri November 16 in class

       Final: t.b.a.


Conflicts: If you have another exam at the time of the final, please e-mail us at least two weeks before the end of lectures. No make-ups will be possible without prior arrangement. For all exams, disability students registered with Student Disability Services are eligible for appropriate accommodations. Please discuss this with us within the first three weeks of the semester.


Grading: Homework 30% (Textbook and Computer lab), each prelim 20%, Final exam 30%.


Need Help? Here are some options:

--  Office hours (lecturer and TA), please see above

-- Learning Strategies Center (LSC) Statistics Lab, 417 Computing & Communications Center, for hours see

--  Support center of the Math Department, 256 Malott,

Outline of the course (incl. assignments)