Math 2940 — Fall 2017 — Announcements

  • 09/25: Practice problems for Prelim 1 are posted in the Exam Details link.

    Note: The prelim is closed-book, closed-note, and no electronic devices of any type are allowed. No cheatsheet allowed.

  • 08/28: A new, one-credit MATLAB course is being offered this semester: Practical MATLAB, ENGRG 1112.

    The course information is here (Fridays 1:25—2:15 pm, 2 hours of homework each week, and graded S/U). It's tailored for engineers, and its goal is to get you comfortable with using MATLAB in math and engineering courses. The class is a convenient opportunity to learn an essential engineering tool!

  • 08/20: Welcome to 2940!

    Please have a look at the course information and syllabus (linked on the left). Recitations begin this week, and the first homework is due next week, on Tuesday, August 29.

    Recitation sections are not interchangeable. You have to attend the section you are enrolled in. Questions about resolving enrollment conflicts should be directed to Heather Peterson.

    Grades, homework solutions, and recitation materials will be available through Blackboard.