The course is now finished, and this website will no longer be updated. Thank you for your participating in Math 4220.

MATH 4220 Applied Complex Analysis

Professor: Robert Strichartz

TA: Zaoli Chen

The following PDF file contains most of the course information, and it will be updated constantly for new notifications. In particular, it contains:

Course and Homework Information

Reading assignments and discussion questions can be found below. 

Readings and Discussions (August)

Readings and Discussions (September)

Readings and Discussions (October)

Readings and Discussions (November)


Some of the homework problems are pretty tricky and hard.  Here are some selected solutions. Please email Zaoli for problems you find difficult, Zaoli may post solutions here. All questions in past homework are welcome. Don't worry if it is a problem assigned months ago. Answers to Difficult Homework Problems



Office Hours Before The Final:

Zaoli will hold office hour in MLT 218 on Monday (Dec 4) 2pm-3pm, and Tuesday (Dec 5) 2pm-3pm.