Abstracts for the Seminar
 Discrete Geometry and Combinatorics
 Spring 2015

Speaker:  Karola Mészáros, Cornell University
Title: Realizing subword complexes via triangulations of root polytopes
Time: 2:30 PM, Monday, February 23, 2015
Place:  Malott 206

Abstract:Subword complexes are simplicial complexes introduced by Knutson and Miller to illustrate the combinatorics of Schubert polynomials and determinantal ideals. They proved that any subword complex is homeomorphic to a ball or a sphere and asked about their geometric realizations. We show that a family of subword complexes can be realized geometrically via triangulations of root polytopes. This implies that a family of $\beta$-Grothendieck polynomials are special cases of reduced forms in the subdivision algebra of root polytopes. Based on joint work with Laura Escobar.

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