Discrete Geometry and Combinatorics Seminar

List of Talks given in 2010-11

Monday, August 30   Peter McNamara, Bucknell University
The Schur-positivity poset
Monday, September 13   Edward Swartz, Cornell University
Thirty years and counting
Monday, September 20   Karola Mészáros, MIT
Triangulations of root polytopes and Kirillov’s conjectures
Monday, September 27   Florian Block, University of Michigan
Computing note polynomials for plane curves
Monday, October 4   John Shareshian, Washington University
Intervals in subgroup lattices of finite groups
Monday, October 18   Patricia Hersh, North Carolina State University and Cornell University
The q=–1 phenomenon via homology concentration
Monday, November 1   Saul Blanco, Cornell University
The shortest path poset of Bruhat intervals
Wednesday, November 3   Ben Webster, University of Oregon
Counting points and combinatorics
Monday, November 8   Cristian Lenart, University of Albany
Combinatorial formulas for Macdonald polynomials and applications
Monday, November 15   Alexy Glazyrin, University of Texas at Brownsville
Lower bounds for the cube simplexity
Monday, November 22   Rebecca Swanson, Nebraska Wesleyan University
Relationship between shellability and vertex decomposability
Monday, November 29   Sergei Tabachnikov, Pennsylvania State University
Algebra, geometry, and dynamics of the pentagram map
Wednesday, December 8   Andras Bezdek, Auburn University and Renyi Institute
Unavoidable crossings in a thinnest covering of the plane and on the sphere
Monday, January 31   Edward Swartz, Cornell University
f-vectors and 3-manifold complexity
Monday, February 7   Dylan Thurston, Barnard College
Affine rigidity
Monday, February 14   Eric Swartz, Binghamton University
Locally 2-arc transitive graphs
Monday, February 28   Samuel Kolins, Cornell University
Simplicial cell decompositions of balls
Monday, March 7   Frank Lutz, Technische Universitat Berlin
Nice and bad triangulations of manifolds
Monday, March 14   Takayuki Hibi, Osaka University
Roots of Ehrhart polynomials of Gorenstein Fano polytopes
Monday, March 28   Andy Frohmader, Cornell University
How to construct a flag complex with a given face vector
Monday, April 4   Steven Klee, University of California at Davis
Centrally symmetric manifolds with few vertices
Monday, April 11   Matthew Stamps, University of California at Davis
Topological representations of matroid maps
Monday, April 18   Samuel Kolins, Cornell University
f-vectors of subdivisions of balls
Monday, May 2   Felipe Rincon, University of California at Berkeley
Computing tropical linear spaces and A-discriminants