Lionel Levine receives Halmos-Ford Award

Lionel Levine and Katherine E. Stange (University of Colorado, Boulder) received the Halmos-Ford award from the Mathematical Association of America for their paper "How to Make the Most of a Shared Meal: Plan the Last Bite First" in The American Mathematical Monthly, 119:7 (2012), pp. 550-565.

Abstract: If you are sharing a meal with a companion, how best to make sure you get your favourite mouthfuls? Ethiopian Dinner is a game in which two players take turns eating morsels from a common plate. Each morsel comes with a pair of utility values measuring its tastiness to the two players. Kohler and Chandrasekaharan discovered a good strategy -- a subgame perfect equilibrium, to be exact -- for this game. We give a new visual proof of their result. The players arrive at the equilibrium by figuring out their last move first and working backward. We conclude that it's never too early to start thinking about dessert.