The Department honors the life of Eugene Borisovich Dynkin

Eugene Borisovich Dynkin, the A. R. Bullis Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, passed away on Friday, November 14th at Cayuga Medical Center at the age of 90.

Eugene was born in 1924 in Saint Petersburg, then known as Leningrad. Very early in his life, he made outstanding contributions to mathematics (e.g., Dynkin Diagrams) and continued to do so throughout a career that spans over 70 years in mathematics. The role he played as a mentor of gifted mathematicians during his career in the former Soviet Union is extraordinary. He joined us in 1977, when he was allowed to emigrate from the Soviet Union. We were incredibly fortunate to call him both a colleague and a friend.

We extend our deepest condolences to Eugene’s family and friends.

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