Professor Tara Holm presented an AMS-MAA joint invited address at MAA MathFest 2016

On Thursday, August 4th, Professor Tara Holm presented an AMS-MAA Joint Invited Address with her talk title, "Understanding Symplectic Geometry and Topology through Polytopes and Lattice Points."

Her talk was on symplectic geometry, the natural geometry of classical mechanics, and how it is floppier than Riemannian geometry but more rigid than topology. She described how the geometry and topology of group actions on symplectic manifolds relate to properties of polytopes, motivated by many pictures and examples. She will concluded with how some of her recent work, joint with Daniel Cristofaro-Gardiner, Alessia Mandini, and Ana Rita Pires, features continued fractions, counting lattice points, and the Philadelphia subway system.

This talk announcement by MAA lives here.